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2020 Spark magazine suite


Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania


An annual publication


Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania creates and sends out an annual issue of Spark magazine for the girls and their families to share camp information, stories from girls, new things happening within the organization, upcoming programs and much more.

The 2020 SPARK Magazine was primarily designed by myself with the help of my coworker, Meghan Augunas on a couple of spreads.

This year, due to COVID-19, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania sent out a SPARK magazine mailing packet. SPARK is usually a double-sided magazine and program guide that has two new covers and content created annually. This year, the magazine was only one sided, with the program guide being completely virtual and online. The magazine is also accompanied by a family packet that shares information to the Girl Scout's family about upcoming events and activities to get the most out of their membership year. The family packet was created by our Creative Director, Jesse Flood.

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